PVC wood grain article sealing side
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Ink printing on PVC base material after roller coating UV paint after curing.
grain to render good simulation effect of edge banding is the ink quality.Ink in the market now in 20 yuan/kg, the price of 160 yuan/kg, use good quality ink printing, edge banding the effectiveness of the simulation of edge banding is close to the plate, printing rich administrative levels, and indoor fade is not obvious in three years.The printing rich administrative levels mainly three color printing edge banding, followed by two color printing and color printing.
detection: use different ink printing sealing side in strong sunlight for a week, and then compared with before the sun, can see two kinds of fading degree of edge banding.Wood grain wear-resisting degree of edge banding and transparency and the quality of the UV lacquer qi.UV paint market price 50 yuan/kg - 120 yuan/kg, if the surface is easy to scratch, fuzzy edge banding is due to the use of inferior UV paint.With plate bonding degree of edge banding, sealing side bar and hot-melt adhesive bonding effect depends on the back glue quality.
sheet with adhesive on the temperature of edge banding has certain requirements.Although hot-melt adhesive sealing side machine barrel upper-middle thermosol temperature at 200-180 o C o C, but hot glue roller coating plate with adhesive dots edge banding after 20 cm, 30 cm distance.Because of the workshop, low temperature, heat faster, so the plate with the temperature of the bonding point of edge banding, in fact, under 120 ℃, thereby bonding effect is not ideal.At this point if it does use bad back glue to glue (lamination of the market price at present: 18 yuan/kg, 50 yuan/kg).Solution: by plate from a region of low temperature and cutting saws will affect the bonding effect by plate side temperature is too low, so to maintain indoor temperature in more than 15 ℃, and the sealing side machine sealing side plate with a thermostat cover.
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